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Greetings all,

I am Galmerryn, or Galm, Glam, or Glamour Girl.  I'm totally a guy, but that's beside the point.

Here is what <Axis> has been up to lately.

Killing stuff!  We are currently 4/10 H Nighthold, and are looking for motivated members to help us chug along all the way through to Mythic progression!

Alts and alt raiding!  We have a dedicated night for our beloved alts to come and join in on the fun that all the mains get to have!

M+ groups!  Care to test your 5-man skills?  Many of our players are skilled at the M+ system and will help you upgrade that dusty old keystone that you just got.  Why is it dusty, who even knows??!

Inappropriate guild conversation!  We keep it classy, but not always clean.  Purposefully trying to shame or hurt others is never allowed, but when it comes to good ol' conversation, it's generally no holds barred!

And so much more!

Add me at PowerRage#11447 or send an application right here on Enjin!

Bosses keep dying!

Lekar posted Dec 17, 16

We're continuing to progress in Emerald Nightmare and looking forward to The Nighthold in only a month's time!

We managed to kill Archimonde even through the churn of summer and end of expansion! Let's kill him a few more times and go into Legion strong!

Mannoroth is finally dead!

Lekar posted Jun 22, 16

After months, and 467 wipes, Mannoroth is dead. Archimonde is next!

Xhul'horac is dead too!

Lekar posted Mar 29, 16

Xhul'horac kill screenshot

Still working on Mannoroth!